Javiera Cervini-Silva
Instituto de Geographia
Ciudad Universitaria
Circuito Exterior
Coyacan, C.P.04510, MX

Education: M.Sc.E. and PhD degrees in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997 and 1999; Licenciatura in Chemistry (Diploma equivalent) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), 1995

Areas of Expertise:

"Geomicrobiology and clay geochemistry"

How I Became Interested in Clays

"Born in July 14, 1972 Javiera Cervini-Silva earned a Licenciatura in Chemistry (Diploma equivalent) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1995. She received highest honors for her GPA and undergraduate thesis work (Magna Cum Laude). She earned M.Sc.E. and PhD degrees in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997 and 1999, correspondingly. She conducted postdoctoral work in the Earth Sciences Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory under the supervision of Garrison Sposito (National Academy of Sciences Member) and Jillian Banfield (National Academy of Sciences Member and McArthur Genius Fellow). In 2003, she became a member of the research faculty at the Center for Integrative and Planetary Science (Assistant Research Professor). She served as Deputy Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute from June 2003 to December 2005."

"Dr. Cervini-Silva has served as co-author in more than 100 scientific contributions including peer-reviewed research articles, books, and one patent (in process). Dr. Cervini-Silva has published her scientific work in various journals including American Journal of Science, Langmuir and Environmental Science and Technology. Dr. Cervini-Silva serves as reviewer for various scientific journals including Science, Environmental Science and Technology, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Chemical Geology, Soil Science Society America Journal. She has also served as Associate Editor for the journal Clays and Clay Minerals."

"The work of Dr. Cervini-Silva has been recognized with the 2005 Bradley Award by the International Association of Clays (AIPEA) for the single most outstanding contribution by a young scientist (under 35 yrs old). Most recently, Dr. Cervini-Silva has been nominated to serve as Vice president of The Clay Minerals Society. It is worth noting that in the case of either recognition, Dr. Cervini-Silva has become the first Latin-American to receive such honors. In July 2007, Dr. Cervini-Silva was nominated to become member of the Academia Mexicana de Ciencias (National Academy of Sciences). "

"Dr. Cervini-Silva has participated in the international scientific meetings including the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical Union, American Chemical Society, Annual Meeting of The Clay Minerals Society, and Goldschmidt Conferences. Dr. Cervini-Silva is co-organizing a workshop hosted by The Clay Minerals Society on Carbon Stabilization by Clays in the Environment to be held in June 2007, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Cervini-Silva is also participating in the organization of the 2008 Annual Meeting of The Clay Minerals Society."

"As of April 2006, Dr. Cervini-Silva became Profesor Titular (Professor) at UNAM in Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City (Main Campus). She is head of the Nanogeoscience and Geobiology Group at UNAM. Her group is composed by 10-12 members, mostly students. Group members participate actively in interdisciplinary collaborations with other research groups throughout UNAM varying in discipline including Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Geology, Biology, Geography, Engineering, among others. Also, in actuality, research members in her group are part of international exchange scientific programs. Dr. Cervini-Silva has been invited to deliver talks in various academic settings."

"Dr. Cervini-Silva has two children Emilio (6yrs) and Ana (4 yrs)."

E-mail address: jcervini@igiris.igeograf.unam.mx