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John Winter's PowerPoint Lectures! Mineralogy and Petrology Presentations

Frank Potter's Science Gems

Earth Science I
K-12 Science Lesson Plans

Clay Mineralogy Resources at the University of Georgia

Lecture Notes for Clay Mineralogy University of Georgia, Prepared by Paul Schoeder

Introduction to Soil Science

Lecture Notes for Basic Soils
Laboratory Units for Basic SoilsUniversity of Minnesota, Prepared by Terry Cooper

Soils 101: Study Guide and Lab ManualPennsylvania State University, Dept. of Agronomy

Department of Tropical Plants and Soil Science, University of Hawaii

Environmental Soil Chemistry

Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin #388 Mineralogy & Charge Properties of Readily-Dispersible Colloidal Fractions form Selected Soils and Sediments

Teaching and Education in Crystallography International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) - Lots of GOOD stuff
(IUCr) CPD Commission for Powder Diffraction Homepage - Educational
Crystallography 101
Crystallographic Topology 101

edHelper.com All Sorts of good resources and lesson plans here!


Popular Geology Index for Scientists, Non-Scientists, Teachers, and Students Gibson Consulting

Science of Soils (SOS) Teaching Online

Denver Earth Science Project K-12 curriculum

Geological Survey of Canada (GSC)

GSC Educational Resources

Milwaukee Public Museum K-12 Education Page

The Virtual Geosciences Professor John Butler Site - All sorts of stuff here

Iowa State University The World of Scanning Electron Microscopy

How Does the SEM Work Elementary, High School, and College Level Explanations
SEM Images Cool Pictures!

Ask an Earth Scientist - University of Hawaii Got a Question?

Ask a Geologist - USGS See how the Answer Compares with that from Above

Ask a Volcanologist Some Like it Hot!

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Soil Science Society of America

Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)

MSA K-12 Educational outreach

Minerals Information Institute

National Science Foundation (NSF)

National Science Teachers Association

USGS - The Learning Web

NASA Home Page

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NSCSS: Teaching Soils

Bob's Rock Shop Great links for the Amateur and Professional alike

Bret's Link List Rather Comprehensive

Interesting / Fun Sites

Challenger Center Onpne Educational Resources on Planets and Space

Earth and Moon Viewer Cool Views of the Earth

The Great Globe Gallery Map Images of the Earth

The Nine Planets A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

Views of the Solar System Hawaiian Astronomical Society

MTU Volcanoes Page

Understanding Earthquakes University of Capfornia, Santa Barbara.

Virtual Cave Browse the Cave Environment from the Comfort of your Keyboard

The Canadian Rockhound Canada's Internet Magazine for Rockhounds

Gemology and Lapidary Pages

University of Capfornia Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) Dinosaurs!

The Microbe Zoo Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology

MINDAT.ORG  Mineralogical Reference Source on the Internet

Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals, & Textures  Great Photos of minerals in thin section!